Kindle hacks, freebies and shortcuts: 100 + useful links

It’s a sure sign that a new piece of technology is moving from the fringes to the mainstream when it’s possible to find more than a hundred sites that link to it or refer to it in some way. This one – Hack Your Kindle 100+ Tips, Resources and Tutorials to Get More Out of the Amazon Kindle – has more useful information than most, from the familiar (how to view PDF files on the Kindle) to the arcane (how to use your Kindle as a GPS device), to the worldly – a couple of these links require an understanding of Russian and German.  Its posting on a college oriented website ( would seem to indicate that college students are beginning to look at the Kindle as an item to stick in their backpacks, along with the laptop and ipod, but one that actually may lighten their load. See this discussion for a well organized summary of the issues surrounding the potential of textbooks on the Kindle. Also, my June 25 post on the news that a few university presses are starting to publishe Kindle editions.


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