The Weight: Whoopi raves about the Kindle

Not being a regular viewer of ABC’s morning talk show, The View, I missed the episode on February 13, in which Whoopi Goldberg did essentially a two minute promo for the Kindle (which probably only exacerbated the backorder problem). What was noteworthy however, was not that she was such a believer in the product, but that she made repeated appeals to the publishers of educational textbooks to create Kindle editions of their books. Her pleas centered around the damage that carrying heavy textbooks back and forth to school was doing to young childrens’ backs. She also remarked that it would likely cause kids to read more, a hypothesis that still needs to be validated in the field. Barbara Walters asked if kids would be able to afford one, and of course, between owning iPods and cellphones, purchasing a Kindle will not be a major obstacle for many in The View’s audience. For the rest, there’s Connect2Books. Maybe we can convince Whoopi Goldberg to be our spokesperson…

Click below to watch the clip:


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