Livre E-Book is Awesome, Literacy Rejoyces

Click below to link to a post about another e-book reader that has just been announced. With a touch screen and the ability to turn pages by sliding your fingers across the screen it certainly trumps the Kindle in design elegance. But lacking the wireless connectivity and vast online bookstore that the Kindle comes with, it’s not likely to detract from Amazon’s sales. It could however provide some inspiration for Kindle 2.0’s feature set…


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  1. A group of students at the University of Michigan are looking at the usability heuristics of electronic portable reading devices (aka eReaders). We are currently conducting a survey and are offering you a chance to win a free, silver iPod Shuffle (

    We are looking for participants who either do or don’t have experience using eReader devices. The goal of this survey is to gather information regarding your daily reading habits and reading preferences. On analyzing the results, we hope to develop guidelines to design eReaders of the future.

    Survey link:

    Please pass our survey link to others who may have experience with eReaders, an interest in e-books or enjoy reading in general. Our survey will be available until Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

    Thank you for your time and we appreciate your feedback.

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